Redpoint Global Named Finalist in Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence partner of the year

artificial intelligence partner of the yearRedpoint Global was recently named a finalist in the artificial intelligence (AI) category for Microsoft’s 2018 Partner of the Year Awards. Redpoint Global was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Awards were presented in several categories, with winners chosen from a set of more than 2,600 entrants from 115 countries worldwide.

The Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year Award recognizes a partner that has designed, developed, and deployed Azure-based artificial intelligence solutions with their customers. A Microsoft AI solution harnesses signals and untapped data from existing and new devices, unlocking powerful insights and helping businesses take action. These solutions are helping companies quickly improve their businesses by knowing more about their customers across all connected touchpoints – ultimately improving business results and increasing customer value.

Receiving this award validates the unique large-scale operational modeling approach to artificial intelligence that Redpoint has taken in the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™  (CEH). Most vendors focus on very light, easy-to-use algorithms that are only useful in narrow contexts. Our approach and its hundreds of models running on a constant basis is broadly useful and unique in the marketplace, which is why the award from Microsoft is such a tremendous vote of confidence.

The Redpoint Global Approach to Artificial Intelligence

The large-scale operational modeling approach to AI and machine learning in the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub means that our customers can deploy far more models than most other solutions. With the hundreds of models that Redpoint deploys, our customers are able to algorithmically optimize their customer engagement in real time across every inbound and outbound channel. This methodology is what we at Redpoint call “omnichannel optimization.”

Omnichannel optimization involves optimizing messaging across every channel, regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound interactions, through an orchestration layer that leverages real-time decisioning. The large-scale operational modeling approach of our customer engagement hub empowers Redpoint customers to accomplish this goal. This optimization is a constant process of testing and tuning over time, with Redpoint’s machine learning models running continuously to perpetually optimize customer engagement over time.

The omnichannel optimization that Redpoint is able to achieve with our AI and machine learning capabilities is transformative for our clients, like the CPG brand who increased their revenue by 144 percent in the first six weeks of using our solution. That Microsoft has recognized the Redpoint platform as a finalist in the AI category is strong validation for our approach from one of the biggest technology brands in the world.

Powering Personalization with Data, Insight, and Action

At Redpoint, we built our customer engagement hub around an AI-powered data, insight, and action framework. Data, in this context, is the raw materials that brands collect and store every day. It can be posts on social media, transactional data from the CRM or POS system, or even call logs from the customer service center. This data is the fundamental building blocks of engaging the modern omnichannel customer, but it’s only valuable if brands can access it at the speed of the customer.

The drive to have clean data available at speed is why the Redpoint Customer Data Platform™ is designed to ingest data of all varieties, velocities, and volumes regardless of where it originates in the organization. A key component of our customer engagement hub, our customer data platform is recognized in the industry for its completeness and flexibility in terms of data model and data accessibility. What this means is that our customers can build a truly unified customer profile, or “golden record,” comprised of all their customer’s needs, wants, and desires regardless of data source.

The insight phase of the process, where marketers take their data and find opportunity, is where our large-scale operational modeling approach to artificial intelligence really shines. With hundreds of models in the field, the Redpoint CEH delivers the best possible next best action or offer at speed. This enables marketers to more readily find the opportunity hidden in their data, and ensure that they are delivering the right message at the right time in perpetuity. Receiving the Microsoft AI award makes clear that the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub’s insight capabilities are among the best in the marketplace.

Lastly, the “action” component of our customer engagement hub empowers brands with the ability to orchestrate personalized interactions across all engagement touchpoints. This completes the data, insight, and action process that allows brands to monetize their data and their customer engagement efforts. It’s really through the combination of these elements that Redpoint CEH users succeed in a marketplace where personalized experiences are the key to customer engagement.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are fast becoming table stakes for most modern brands. Brands need to leverage these technologies in the right way, however, which is why we’re so proud that Microsoft named Redpoint a finalist in its Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year Award. This award is strong validation of our approach to AI technology in general and machine learning specifically. We look forward to using this unique approach to artificial intelligence to support current and future customers as they optimize their customer engagement now and over time.


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