Real-Time Takes Center Stage in Latest Convergent Marketing Platform Update


real-time-cmp-update-smIn the classic linear customer journey, consumers were willing to accept whatever pace companies wanted to give them. That time has passed … giving way to our current age, where immediacy rules the day and if you don’t react to customer needs with contextual and helpful information, they jump ship to one of your competitors. Real-time marketing is a strategy and class of technologies meant to help address this need.

But real-time marketing goes well beyond social “newsjacking” such as Oreo’s famous “You can still dunk in the dark” campaign or Tide’s Dressgate campaign. Real-time marketing needs to take into account speed and agility, data-driven personalization, and cross-channel optimization.

Redpoint has been laser-focused on real-time interaction management, and I’m excited to announce the latest version of Redpoint Interaction™, part of the Redpoint Convergent Marketing Platform™, which will help you meet customer expectations in our new age of immediacy.

The key highlights in Redpoint Interaction include:

Real-Time Interaction Management

  • Real-time data in context – ­Customer data from campaigns can be stitched across devices for use in subsequent inbound and web visits to deliver consistent personalization in real-time.
  • Product recommendations – Marketers can now take advantage of a real-time lookup endpoint that enables automated product recommendations to generate more relevant offers.


Enhanced Channel Support

  • Email personalization – Redpoint now supports, which generates signatures automatically based on email text within offers to add more relevance and personalization.
  • ESPs and Facebook – Additional SendGrid, Salesforce, and Litmus API enhancements, as well as carousel ads support for Facebook Marketing expand addressable channel footprint.


Operational Performance Improvements

  • RSS feeds – Marketers can now leverage custom news readers right from within dashboards to enhance industry marketing best practices.
  • Data transfer – Redpoint adds a new component in campaign workflows that allows users to more effectively manage data exports such as ad tech activation for Zipline and LiveRamp.


This marks the first in a series of real-time focused updates to the Redpoint Convergent Marketing Platform. We are confident that these unique capabilities will help marketers take control of their data and drive real-time customer engagement strategies in our new age of immediacy.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.