Operate at the Pace of Business Change with Redpoint rg1

Trying to satisfy the expectations of a modern, digital-first consumer for seamless experiences across an omnichannel customer journey resembles a dog chasing its tail. Brands implement new customer engagement technology, only to have the customer pivot in a new, unexpected direction.

Every organization recognizes the need for steady innovation and the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the business, but rapid change is difficult when too much time and energy is spent building and maintaining a legacy architecture. In a Harris Poll survey, 70 percent of marketers said that the number of systems they have make it difficult to provide a seamless customer experience (CX). Marketers cited a lack of data integration between systems (41 percent), a closed integrated marketing cloud (41 percent) and irreplaceable highly specialized applications (40 percent) as the top three ways their MarTech stack prevented them from managing an omnichannel CX.

The Redpoint rg1 Software Platform

The Redpoint rg1 customer data platform (CDP) gives clients the freedom to adjust to market conditions and new trends and technologies as needed. Whether using rg1 Cloud or rg1 Flex, clients have all they need to  create and deliver an omnichannel customer experience personalized for a segment of one.

Both rg1 Cloud and rg1 Flex are enterprise ready and offer a fully integrated, composable CDP with data ingestion/ETL, automated data quality and identity resolution for every source of customer data, segmented and activated. The platform also offers journey orchestration and real-time interaction capabilities.

rg1 Cloud

The ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the business while delivering seamless omnichannel experiences are among the key benefits of rg1 Cloud, Redpoint’s SaaS solution that offers clients managed services in a composable architecture.

rg1 Cloud is developed, designed and deployed as cloud-native containerized services, available as an end-to-end CDP and marketing hub, or as specific managed services for data ingestion/ETL, data quality, identity resolution, segmentation and activation.

As a composable architecture, rg1 Cloud offers a fast route to assembling the required customer data and activating it through to personalized CX.  This includes capabilities that deliver fast performance and enhanced agility along with best-in-breed integrations with other vendors. rg1 Cloud operates on standard cloud-based databases or data clouds such as Snowflake or Google BigQuery as part of an organization’s broader data operations architecture. Organizations are empowered to continuously innovate by taking advantage of new features and capabilities as they appear, thus future-proofing their tech stack in a streamlined configuration using standard data pipelines.

Cost Reduction, Revenue Growth and Speed-to-Value

How do cloud-native containerized services and composability directly translate to business benefits? From an operations standpoint, consumption pricing is perhaps the most obvious example. Any business with peak seasonal or other demand are all-too familiar with having to pay for unused processing power in a fixed infrastructure, unable to quickly (and inexpensively) scale up or down to account for processing variances.

In rg1 Cloud, automatic scaling, real-time controls and an open garden infrastructure account for workload variance issues. Beyond the clear cost benefit, the ability to account for variance improves CX by enabling the shift from being product-centric to customer-centric. Brands can say goodbye to blasting campaigns designed solely to shed excess inventory, for example.

Accounting for a talent shortage and/or budget constraints is another benefit of deploying managed services in rg1 Cloud, while also delivering speed-to-value. According to Gartner, a talent shortage is the biggest barrier to the adoption of emerging technologies. IT executives cited talent availability (or the lack thereof) as the main adoption risk factor for the majority of automation technologies (75 percent).

rg1 Cloud solves for the resource constraint problem by automating many of the processes required to drive personalized engagements and deliver omnichannel CX, including in-line data quality, identity resolution, and the creation of a Golden Record

A Golden Record is a single customer view that is the foundation for delivering a personalized, omnichannel CX. Combining data from any source (website, mobile app, eCommerce platform, POS, social media, CRM, etc.) the Golden Record is a holistic unified record of a customer and the customer’s engagement with a brand across every touchpoint. Including behavioral, transactional, demographic and preference data, and containing all attributes, aggregations, a full identity graph and a full contact history, the Golden Record allows marketers and other business users to profitably differentiate one customer from another.

For an organization lacking data scientists, rg1 Cloud automates data quality. Lacking marketing operations? rg1 ties response data against campaign data and runs marketing operations. rg1 Cloud customers essentially only have to feed as much of their transactional, behavioral and demographic data into the data model as they can, and Redpoint creates and manages the Golden Record, providing the visibility and observability that ensures all customer data is fit for its intended business purpose.

rg1 Flex

Recognizing that organizations have different business objectives, hosting and data regulations, digital maturity and tech stack makeup,  Redpoint rg1 can also be hosted in a client’s private cloud.

rg1 Flex offers the same single point of operational control as rg1 Cloud, but the cloud-native platform is designed for clients who prefer to control their own configurations, customizations and optimizations in a private cloud. With rg1 Flex, clients maintain absolute control over their data and technical environment.

Organizations that run rg1 Flex maintain complete oversight, management and maintenance of customer data, with the option to install and upgrade software as needed for the flexibility to configure the software needed for any business use case.

Redpoint rg1 is designed first and foremost to operate at the pace of business change. With either rg1 Cloud or rg1 Flex, Redpoint meets organizations where they are on the path toward highly personalized CX with a single point of operational control over data, decisions and interactions.

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