The Next Step: The New Redpoint Global Brand

Since its founding, Redpoint Global has always stood for flawless execution that delights our customers. Our founders chose the name Redpoint partly to reflect this drive – a “redpoint” in mountain climbing is selecting an optimal route and then ascending that route without error. Every day, we strive toward these twin goals of flawless execution and customer delight. What gets us there is a combination of experience, talent, and the drive to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Evolving our brand is a key next step in our striving for flawless execution. Our website and logo have called us “Redpoint” since our founding, even though our full name has always been Redpoint Global. The “global” part of the name has taken on new importance in recent years. We have clients around the globe, from North America to Europe, Australia, and everywhere in between. We also have offices in Massachusetts and Colorado, along with London and the Philippines. Redpoint is truly a global company, and we felt the time was right to fully own our name.

And so, I’m proud to announce our new branding and new website.

Our new website is, launched recently along with our new branding. The old “” website served us well, but caused inevitable brand confusion with other “Redpoint” branded companies. There may be many Redpoints, but there is only one Redpoint Global, and that is now reflected in our domain name.

The website went through a top-to-bottom redesign that included extensive changes to the user experience. In revamping the website, we focused on enabling visitors to easily see how Redpoint’s solutions address different customer engagement challenges. While not exhaustive, the list of challenges we presented are some of the stickiest barriers to better customer experience.

From data quality and integration, to identity resolution and real-time engagement, we wanted to showcase how well the Redpoint platform solves the problems bedeviling the customer experience. As part of this, we also split out the challenges based on role and industry. This will allow CMOs and CDOs to find the information they need easily and quickly, and get on with their day. The Redpoint Global platform accomplishes a substantial amount, and we’re showcasing those capabilities throughout the site.

This new website is also intended to provide opportunities for deeper engagement with our community of clients, prospects, and partners. Without our customers, there wouldn’t be a Redpoint Global, so we want to keep talking to our clients for all of us to grow together. That’s what we hope we can continue to do with our new website, and that you will join us. We’ve launched our new Redpoint Help Center and Community at to facilitate this two-way communication. If you’ve ever contacted Redpoint support, then you already have a login to that portal to start up a conversation. The new community site will also enable you to communicate with other Redpoint Global users, share tips and tricks, and access exclusive on-demand learning content to maximize the use of your Redpoint platform.

We’ve also revamped our Knowledge Center to make it easier for visitors to find the content they’re looking for. We retained all of our previous pieces – including data sheets, eBooks, and white papers – but with a streamlined search functionality and more user-friendly designs. The changes are intended to help all our visitors better find the research and thought leadership they need to improve their customer engagement and compete in the world of the connected consumer.

In addition to our new website and logo featuring the global part of our name for the first time in our history, there are several subtle enhancements to the logo worth noting. The logo’s intersecting triangles contains a base triangle that represents data as foundational to all that we and our customers do. The upper triangle represents customer interactions, and the diamond in the middle represents the integration of the two as a hub that carries the highest potential for value creation. The slight opening in the side of the top triangle signifies our open garden approach that embraces best-of-breed technology. We’re excited about this new logo design, which conveys our views on how customer engagement technology best delivers innovation and value.

It’s been said that change is the only constant in life. The launch of our new website – and new branding – is one way that’s been shown to be true. Change is often a good thing, and we think this change in branding and website will help Redpoint Global further differentiate itself in the market and make it easier for organizations seeking a solution to their customer engagement problems to find us. For us, the time for renewal is at hand … so why not make our next step a good one?

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