Are You Minding the Customer Engagement Gap?


data-driven-marketingIn 1969, the London Tube debuted an automated message to remind subway riders to “mind the gap” between the platform and arriving trains. The message is still in use today, and Tube riders even see the phrase “mind the gap” tiled into the floors at many of the stations.

Much like the gap that London Tube riders need to be aware of, there is also a gap when it comes to customer engagement—only 1% of customers think brands consistently meet their expectations, while 86% are willing to
pay more for a better experience. This is a striking difference and, though I’m sure most marketers would say they’re meeting their customer’s expectations, chances are that you can do better.

But what’s a marketer to do? Isolated data sources, which increase in number every day, make it difficult to get a complete view of your customer; the real-time nature of the customer journey makes adaptation difficult; and you’re unlikely to know the best ways and moments to reach customers because the channels change constantly.

There’s a few pathways to surmount the challenges of engaging the always-on and always addressable consumer and, today through Wednesday, at the DMA &THEN conference in Los Angeles, the Redpoint team and I will be showcasing how our solution helps brands close this gap. We’re demoing our Convergent Marketing Platform at Booth 1022 in the Experience Zone throughout the conference, and will also participate in a Tuesday afternoon Ideation Session that pits our platform against other cross-channel marketing solutions in a “shootout” to see who’s the quickest “draw.”

At Redpoint, we believe there are a handful of ways you can close the customer engagement gap:

  • Through data-driven personalization: Using data to personalize customer interactions is perhaps the primary way to close the engagement gap. Through a platform like our Convergent Marketing Platform, you can combine data from multiple sources into a single customer view, deliver personalized messaging in real-time, and put data science at your fingertips.
  • Through role-based insights for marketers: Not every marketer needs to see the same data. A CMO may need high-level views into the entire universe of marketing performance, but does a campaign manager need the same reporting as the CMO? Role-based insights allow marketers to quickly access the analytics that matter to them when and where you need them, creating greater agility in program execution and increasing your chances of engagement success.
  • Through leveraging an open and connected ecosystem: An open and connected marketing ecosystem ensures you can create a central source for customer engagement throughout the enterprise, and tap into the ever expanding list of channels, devices, and things. This makes it possible to maximize your marketing tech investments and adapt for the future.

At any point in the customer journey, brands are either over- or under-delivering against customer expectations. Both of these are problematic and both can result in missing the mark on customer engagement, which can be damaging to your brand and cause customer attrition over the long term. If you’re here at DMA this week, let us show you how we can help.

So stop by the booth, hear about Redpoint, and leave with some fantastic free “Tube” socks and more!

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mind the customer engagement gap

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