Involve Me and I Learn

involve me and i learnE-learning is changing how enterprise software users learn new technologies. That’s no surprise, for studies have shown that we learn more from hands-on learning than a traditional lecture approach.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.


Is this a quote from Benjamin Franklin?  There is plenty of debate online to say otherwise.  And perhaps there is no way to tell for sure.  But, what we do know is that the principle still holds true.  Involvement is the key to learning success and with the technology available today to involve learners in so many different ways, the effectiveness is even greater.


Training is not meant to be just about a lecture, a one-directional communication. It’s about the ability to practice the skills that you have been taught.  This is traditionally the case when training is conducted live and on-site, however, it’s not always typical in a virtual environment. Besides, on-site training can be costly and in the world of e-learning, the ability to quickly scale to any number of learners is a huge bonus.


involve me and i learn


So, to change the way enterprise software learning happens online, we need to give students the ability to learn through practice and experience.  And by providing a virtual learning platform that allows each student a dedicated sandbox to practice and perform in at their own pace, anytime, anywhere can be the differentiator to the success of a training program.


Simply put, e-learners are motivated and there is plenty of incentive for their organizations to offer learning in a virtual format. In fact, research has shown that most learners are motivated to learn online so they can do their jobs faster and better. When you consider that contextually relevant content is critical for their learning, it’s no surprise that interactive, online learning environments offering targeted learning materials is a great combination for both the learner and their employer.


Redpoint’s “Learn Redpoint” education portal will offer just that.  Launching this quarter, the portal will offer a true online environment for students to learn at their own pace, empowering them with the skills they need to be successful.


The portal will be a host to a variety of learning materials, including a live product sandbox for each learner. By offering on-demand learning, along with guided materials, learners are able to gain as much working knowledge of our solutions, at their own pace.


The launch of our new education portal will not replace the on-site training we provide to our clients. It will be a wonderful complement for organizations looking for an online component, further broadening our ability to service clients effectively.


By offering a variety of learning formats, we are giving our clients greater ability to maximize their investment in our industry-leading solutions. The bottom line? Learn Redpoint is going to help impact our clients’ bottom lines – and that’s a very exciting endeavor indeed.

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