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Jun 5, 2019

Introducing the Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform

The traditional approach to advertising is broken and it risks damaging your brand. Programmatic ad fatigue and ineffective ad networks have led some brands to pull back from digital advertising on certain channels. Research also shows that 57 percent of consumers feel that retargeting ads have had no influence on their decision to purchase something online.

To deliver highly targeted ads today, many brands rely on complex, fragmented, manual processes and technologies that have led to programmatic advertising that is, inefficient at best and blindly executed at its worst.

Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform powered by LiveRamp, gives its customers for the first time, the ability to directly access and control granular data from known to anonymous identities through the LiveRamp IdentityLink™ and dynamically determine the next best offer to serve on media partners in real-time. The digital market continues to grow, despite the individual channel pull back from some brands. Total digital ad spending in the US will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spending.

The offering also enables brands to define an audience once and deliver it to any number of touchpoints, with a closed-loop of response data back for optimized interaction, re-targeting, and increased contextual relevancy of the next best message or offer. There are five use cases that are uniquely possible with this technology. With Redpoint, brands can focus on:

  • Onboarding – Using a single point of control to onboard an audience, users can select high-value audiences and automatically push data through LiveRamp to target and activate in downstream ad destinations.
  • Activation – With 500+ LiveRamp destination partners (DSPs, social networks, and interactive TV) the ability to reach a specific audience is as simple as pulling from a picklist in the Redpoint customer journey workflow. Omnichannel campaigns can also be coordinated to pull targeted ad material into a variety of channels.
  • Real-Time Targeting – Marketers can pre-buy segments directly from any trusted third party data provider, pre-stage them in a secure database and use them to inform real-time decisions on your webpages from first-time anonymous visitors, enhancing personalization and driving brand relevance.
  • Measurement – Marketers can also directly measure the impact of ad impressions and link back to anonymous profiles via IdentityLink. The information can be managed and view in a secure environment, along with de-identified 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data that provide linkages between martech and adtech that protect consumer privacy and identity.
  • Re-Targeting – Data insights can be leveraged to deliver intelligently retargeted ads and direct campaigns to match what is working for similar users in the market. This offers the ability to test, turn and optimize ad-spend in a closed-loop environment.

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For CMO’s there are several business impacts that can be achieved with the Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform. These include:

  • More efficient return on ad spend with reduced impact on resources
  • Increased acquisition through real-time customer engagement and personalization
  • Closed-loop marketing streamlined across the full customer relationship (acquisition to retention)

The Redpoint Digital Acquisition Platform includes three key solutions:

  • Onboarding and Activation: Redpoint provides a single point of control to manage targeted digital acquisition strategies. Onboard all data sources and high-value audiences from Redpoint. Activate audiences to one of LiveRamp’s 500+ destination partners such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others for ad targeting.
  • Measurement and Optimization: Leverage the Redpoint Customer Data Platform to visualize, measure, and monetize your ad strategies down to the anonymous, people-level based on impressions. Manage a secure data environment that stores all hashed data and makes linkages between impressions, purchases, transactions, and profiles based on anonymous identities in the form of LiveRamp’s IdentityLink.
  • Real-Time Personalization: Redpoint’s Real-Time Decisions capability leverages demographic profiles and previous impressions activity for real-time, relevant and contextual website experiences.

Together, Redpoint and LiveRamp can provide marketers with the capability to seamlessly manage communications across all touchpoints in real-time. This model gives ownership of the full customer lifecycle (acquisition to retention) and digital ecosystem (website, mobile apps, email, ad networks, social) to the brand marketer.

This unique digital platform delivers a true closed-loop process that empowers marketers to optimize the customer journey across anonymous to known touchpoints. Closing the loop on this data enables the most up-to-date customer record, giving control to marketers to match downstream integrations into the customer data platform (CDP) and guide a more profitable and effective customer journey along the way.


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