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Improve Data-Driven Flexibility with the Latest Updates to the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub

Steve Zisk | May 29, 2018

RedPoint Data Management 8.1The modern customer data management landscape is a complicated one. Customers provide a veritable flood of data – 2.5 exabytes are created every day at last count – and data-driven marketers need to ingest, cleanse, and manage that information. It’s a challenging situation to be in, especially when consumers want brands to individualize offers and interactions in real time. Identity resolution is a key facet of meeting this expectation, so any solution that can help with that aim is enormously useful in a hyper-competitive age.

This is why I’m happy to announce RedPoint Global’s rollout of RedPoint Data Management™ 8.1, an update to the customer data platform within the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™. The RedPoint Customer Data Platform™ taps into any data sources – structured or unstructured – while resolving anonymous to known customer identities using the most advanced probabilistic and heuristic matching algorithms available in the market today. This advanced technology is how our customer engagement hub is able to provide a single point of control for your data to help deliver seamless, hyper-personalized interactions.

With the latest update to RedPoint Data Management, organizations gain new options for their data environment, including enhancements to their ability to build their own tools with our Java SDK, as well as seek out elements of structured data such as a telephone number within blocks of unstructured text. These updates will empower RedPoint customers with enhanced data normalization and validation capabilities, which ultimately streamlines the creation of the golden record.

The major features of this new release include:

Data Environment Related Items

  • Input and output tools that act as simple message producers and consumers for Apache Kafka topics, making it easy to incorporate Kafka streaming data into customer engagement strategies
  • Support of SAP HANA (via JDBC), SQL Server 2017, and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage for HDInsight 3.6, to new versions of databases and data lakes in customer data workflows
  • Improved Java SDK sample pack and SDK tool for matching regular expressions to enable analysis and identification of data patterns in unstructured text

Macros and Operating Systems

  • Advanced email parser validates individual email components such as local-part and domain, automating control of extraction and matching for email headers
  • UK address matching improvement to more effectively handle UK building address components
  • Windows Server Core 2016 to support your cloud strategy within Azure

User Experience and Supportability

  • Improved UI experience via an updated and modernized workflow creation canvas, making data flows clearer and easier to understand and share
  • Portable diagnostics tool to streamline the troubleshooting process, that improves the ability to more rapidly respond to support requests
  • Support for Windows authentication and cross-domain security with SQL Server, to tie in even better with existing enterprise security and user management

The latest updates to RedPoint Data Management allow brands to better resolve customer identities across engagement touchpoints while also enhancing the internal user experience. Providing more choice and easier, faster change will make RedPoint customers more competitive in the long term, especially as the pace of technology change in the marketplace continues to increase.


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Steve Zisk
Steve Zisk

Steve Zisk is a seasoned technology professional with more than 35 years of expertise in software engineering and product marketing. As senior product marketing manager at RedPoint Global, Steve is tasked with developing messaging and marketplace positioning for RedPoint’s customer engagement platforms. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn and Twitter.