Humanizing the Experience with a Single Customer View

Humanizing the Customer Experience

Humanizing the Customer ExperienceFor at least the last decade, marketers across industries have strived to pull together a 360-degree view, or single customer view, that collects insights on consumers across all channels of engagement. CRM solutions have claimed they could achieve this goal; data management platforms (DMPs) have claimed they could achieve it as well. The problem is that most common marketing technology solutions aren’t designed to manage the full scope of customer engagement data, and interface with other point solutions with the ease that’s necessary to build a true single customer view. The ability to tap into customer engagement data has an impact on personalization and the customer experience.

A single customer view is underpinned by a customer data platform (CDP), and is most effective when it can accept batch and streaming data of any structure and unify it into a centralized profile that is constantly updated. In this way, a single customer view – or “golden record” as we call it at Redpoint Global – collects all that is knowable about a customer into a single point of control that is easily accessible across the organization and used by customer-facing marketers and associates to drive further brand engagement.

The easily accessible part is a crucial piece of the puzzle, especially because a single customer view isn’t valuable unless business users can leverage it to orchestrate contextually relevant interactions with consumers that humanize the customer experience. But what goes into a single customer view? For a single customer view to include all that is knowable about the customer, it must integrate transactional data, demographic data, behavioral data, preference information, intent data, and the history of the relationship the consumer has had with the brand across the entire anonymous to known customer journey. This means ingesting data from a data management platform, a CRM system, an email service provider, a billing system, and many other key solutions a brand might leverage. It could also include a data warehouse or data lake, depending on how customer data is stored within the organization.

In the video below, I demonstrate an example of how the single customer view capabilities of the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™ can help humanize the customer experience. This, coupled with the ability to deliver product recommendations, serves as a visual example of what brands and marketers can take advantage of while engaging with customers face-to-face in a clienteling setting or over the phone. Check out the video and let us know how you envision humanizing your customer experience strategy.


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Single Customer View

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