With Great Connectivity Comes Great Responsibility

You can’t go anywhere without “Big Data” being a central part of the conversation. Even the latest season of House of Cards features a multi-episode arc about data analysis.  While their portrayal of a data scientist is a little over the top, it’s important and it shows how “Big Data” is now part of the mainstream lexicon.

The volume, velocity, and variety of data are growing every day, an unavoidable cost of the modern world. How we use data, where we use it and what we want from it changes almost daily. Products and technologies that were unthinkable even a year ago are suddenly part of our everyday lives.

The possibilities for how we use that data are as endless as the data itself. From self-driving cars and wearables to improved medical outcomes and environmental sensors for smart farming, the benefits of data preparation and analysis are everywhere.

Our customers think in terms of seven and 10-year timelines, so when they put in a data management solution they need to know that it can handle what’s coming. But think back seven years ago, what technology were you using then? You probably can’t even remember that far back, and I’m sure if you looked at it you’d think it was primitive compared to what you use today.

That means our data management software must perform well into the future. In short, we need to prepare for that which we cannot predict. Sure, we can tell you about the growth of data and how the Internet of Things (IoT) is just going to be adding to the management load that data scientists currently face. We all must take into account how they are going to visualize that data when the tools they’ll use for analytical purposes will continue to morph and change. Better, simpler, and more interesting tools will emerge and those on which we rely today may become relics of the past.

Which is why we are working to future-proof our data management platform with a software development kit and connectors. A lot of companies build custom connections to popular tools or have the partner ecosystem build the tools themselves. Either way, the connections break when changes are made and then customization is needed to reestablish the connection. We believe that only gets you partway to the solution.

We’ve developed a Java SDK for Redpoint Data Management that’s designed to make it faster and easier to deploy custom solutions when they’re needed. This way a customer can connect their implementation to Tableau today, but change that tomorrow if a new product comes up that they like better. The platform you use to manage the data can grow with you, even as the tools around it change.  Best of all either the user can build their own connectors or Redpoint will build and maintain them for the users.

The fact is, the Big Data world is an ecosystem of technologies and people that all must work together to be truly effective. Our job is to help our customers be part of that ecosystem, but also join it through us.

This isn’t our first trip to the future-proofing rodeo. Our marketing platform, Redpoint Convergent Marketing Platform (CMP) uses the same concept to help our clients to attach to anybody’s anything. That means we can work with any email service provider, social channel, CSM or mobile app out there, including those that didn’t exist when we first launched the product.

Basically, the SDK allows developers to use prebuilt objects and tools to build connectors in a fraction of the time it would take them if they were to build it out of raw code. That means faster deployment and the ability to develop more connectors in an easier way. It’s also why our Redpoint CMP SDK is celebrating its 100th connector this week.

The DM Java SDK is open and our customers are welcome to build their own connectors if they wish. Though, those that are developed by our internal team become part of the standard maintenance and testing process that ensures the fidelity of everything we do.

Here at Redpoint Global, we are always thinking about the future because that is how we maintain our leadership today.

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