Digital Health Company Drives Adherence with a Personalized Approach

In a Redpoint Global healthcare survey from early this year, 75 percent of healthcare consumers surveyed said they wanted a more personalized healthcare experience. Conducted by Dynata, the survey of 1,000 U.S. healthcare consumers also revealed a majority (58 percent) said they preferred healthcare interactions to be digital.

Providing patients with a digital, personalized experience was a driving force for one Redpoint client in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2016, Renovia provides cost-effective care for pelvic floor disorders delivered through the power of digital health. The company introduced leva® Digital Therapeutic, an FDA-cleared pelvic floor muscle training device and app that uses patented sensor technology to help treat urinary incontinence as well as collect actionable compliance and progress data.

Recognizing from the beginning that a personalized experience would be important both for nurturing leads and driving treatment adherence, Renovia partnered with Redpoint to implement the rgOne customer experience platform to help personalize the entire patient journey.

“Redpoint really was the best solution that would allow us to mix and match end use technologies while retaining a core engine that would enable us to personalize customer journeys,” says David Millard, Renovia Director of Commercial Applications, Reporting & Analytics.

Personalization Across the Entire Customer Journey

Renovia personalizes the entire customer journey using rgOne. Integrated with a marketing database and Salesforce Healthcloud, the digital platform is used as an ETL tool to securely move data between systems. A web listening tool collects data from a pelvic health quiz web page to create marketing qualified leads (MQLs), with potential customer names and email addresses provided to Renovia through a variety of digital media.

The platform creates dynamic interactions to help convert leads, furthering consumers along the customer journey with personalized content based on quiz results, among other metrics. When a consumer engages with a telemedicine partner website, calls into the call center or provides Renovia with a prescription for leva, they become sales qualified leads (SQLs) and entered into a HIPAA-compliant cloud for additional journey stages. A prescription begins a separate conversion process consisting of a series of emails to educate the consumer on how leva may help restore their pelvic health.

In the adherence phase, Redpoint orchestrates a next-best action based on a set of rules and current data, which includes adherence and how long a patient has been in the training regimen. An SMS message, for example, may offer congratulations, encouragement, or even a pelvic health “fun fact” as another support mechanism. Treatment adherence also dictates the timing of a call from a personal coach, who has up-to-date patient data at-hand during a call.

“The adherence period is a 12-week training exercise. During that time, a patient has a coach in the call center that works with them directly to encourage and motivate them,” says Millard. “Emails and texts also go out that branch on adherence to protocol and supplement the coach’s encouragement, and help the coach become more effective by focusing on women who may be struggling or missing training sessions.”

Improving Personalization One Interaction at a Time

Renovia also uses Redpoint to track progression over time. Emails generated from rgOne ask recipients a question about the severity of their condition. When they click to answer, the result is recorded and securely transmitted to Salesforce Healthcloud. Tracking and aggregating results and survey data over time allows Renovia to analyze population trends, which it then uses to create new adherence emails and SMS messages that are tailored based on an individual patient’s behavior, which enhance the personalized patient experience throughout their journey across all communication or interaction points.

Millard said that the Redpoint’s data security, privacy protections and open garden architecture were additional key features in Renovia’s selection of Redpoint as a technology partner. The Redpoint open garden approach provides the same centralization of data and operational control as a single-vendor suite, with the important distinction of not locking a customer into a predefined set of solutions, providing the ability to choose best-of-breed individual point solutions and tie them into a central system without regard to data type, data model or data velocity, leading to a frictionless digital experience. The approach helps marketers retain legacy solutions without an expensive rip-and-replace, while also counteracting entrenched data siloes.

A Personalized Patient Experience Delivers Results

Results from a 2019 pilot study of the leva Pelvic Digital Therapeutic showed statistically significant improvement in pelvic floor muscle measures, patient-reported urinary incontinence (UI) severity and condition-specific quality of life.

The results of the six-week “Ren-01” study, published online in Neurology and Urodynamics, show a reduction in UI symptoms and the negative impact of UI for patients who perform daily activities:

  • 87% of subjects indicated a resolution of stress UI symptoms
  • 74% of subjects reported high levels of improvement in general UI symptoms
  • All subjects reported some measure of improvement in general UI symptoms

On the marketing side, Millard said that there has been an increase in conversion percentage from MQL to SQL and through purchase.

“We’ve held adherence steady while roughly tripling the productivity of the coaches,” he said, referring to the increase in patients, each of whom is assigned a personal coach.

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