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slam-dunkIt’s unfortunate, but it’s true: traditional enterprise data management isn’t getting the job done relative to Big Data. Those solutions are hit-and-miss, mostly because they weren’t designed for the unprecedented volume of data collected every day. For one thing, their schema-on-write approach is slower than today’s business users demand and they can’t provide the flexibility that fast-moving companies simply must have to get the full value of their data.

Redpoint + Hadoop is a Slam Dunk

Enter Hadoop, a genuinely disruptive (in a good way) platform for data management. Hadoop’s schema-when-you-need-it data management paradigm lets it store and manage data much more flexible than a traditional relational database. When combined with Redpoint’s tools for data quality — standardizing data load, cleansing, integration/matching, persistent keying, and aggregating across an enterprise – Hadoop transforms from a high-volume storage option into an exceptionally powerful tool for parallel processing.

Fastest Player on the Court

Hadoop is extensible enough to be cost-effectively implemented across multiple business domains, managing HR, supplier, and vendor data along with product and customer data. It has the flexibility to be adapted to changing use-case requirements quickly. With Redpoint’s data quality tools, data can be prepared or cleansed during access. Schema – standards and definitions — can be derived or applied as needed when the data is accessed. And, with Redpoint, the data can be processed at the site of the data itself, including inside Hadoop, eliminating the need for time-consuming movement of huge amounts of data during processing.

Don’t Foul Out

Teaming Redpoint Data Management with Hadoop provides an exceptionally powerful computational platform. One that is faster, more flexible, and more robust for schema-when-you-need-it data — an elastic storage and compute platform that is orders of magnitude less costly than any relational database management system.

Get the Whole Story

For more information on what makes Redpoint’s Data Management for Hadoop a slam dunk decision for enterprise data management, read this report from TDWI. Click here to request the full report.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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