Chief Data Officers Can Learn How to Become Today’s Retail Industry Sextants at NRFtech 2018

There’s probably no industry facing more turmoil and change than retail these days. It’s old news that the new ‘storefront’ is web-based and increasingly mobile. The chief household buyer is still female, but beyond that all bets are off, especially with bots entering the landscape as purchasers. If you entered the retail business 20, 10, or even just two years ago, your head must be spinning from all the change in buyer patterns, channels available for purchase, and the demise of long-standing brands.

Better be nimble! There are more changes coming. And faster.

There’s no one in a better place to face them than retail chief data officers (CDOs), chief information officers (CIOs) and other IT professionals. With real-time personalization, right-time offers, and omnichannel mastery being table stakes for today’s retail businesses, CDOs and CIOs are in the right place to act as sextants for today’s brands guiding them through emerging technologies like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality. Yes, and bots.

CDOs and data managers, especially, are in a key position to help brands bring their siloed data together in a customer data platform to transform how customer experience is delivered.

If you are a retail CDO or CIO, one of the best places to join the conversation is next week’s NRFtech 2018 in San Francisco. This ‘non-tradeshow’ environment is a true networking experience for brand technologists and their peers to talk to each other and to meet vendors who are on the leading edge of retail technology. Redpoint will be there. Listening. Talking. Meeting with our customers and talking to others who are trying to solve one of retail’s biggest problems – building dynamic unified customer profiles from data in multiple siloes – streaming and batched – and assuring quality data is available to deliver optimized real-time offers automatically.

If you’re going to NRFtech 2018, we’d love to meet you there. You can register to schedule a meeting with our team or connect through LinkedIn or text. You can reach Tom Kaczmarek through LinkedIn or 203-246-1827, Dave Echols via LinkedIn or 908-809-3202, or Nick Crispinelli via LinkedIn or 914-497-4400.

If you’re going, we hope you have an insightful show. If you’re a retailer and you’re not going, it’s not too late to reach out to us as we may still have some free passes to give out.

Hope to see YOU at NRFtech 2018!

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