Better Personalization Unlocked with New Redpoint Data Management Updates

RedPoint Data Management 8.0

RedPoint Data Management 8.0The amount of data produced annually worldwide will hit 163 zettabytes by 2025. IDC, which made this prediction, says that data creation will shift from entertainment content to productivity-driven and embedded data – a fact that will only increase the challenges that most organizations face in terms of incomplete and inconsistent versions of customer data across sales, marketing, customer service, and other business functions and systems.

That pace of change is why I’m happy to announce that Redpoint Global is rolling out Redpoint Data Management™ 8.0, a major release of the data management solution within the Redpoint Customer Data Platform™.  With our newest technology, organizations can harness data from any and all of their sources of customer information to create a unified customer profile in real time, all in an expanded open garden environment.

Major features of this new release include:

  • More choice in cloud environments and databases: Amazon Web Services EMR support rounds out coverage of Hadoop environments, with support for EMRFS, an HDFS implementation for data storage on Amazon S3, and for Amazon Linux, as well as a native AWS Redshift bulk loader. In addition to AWS, we are updating the versions we support with Azure HDInsight 3.6, Windows Server 2016, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, Hortonworks HDP version 2.6, and MapR 5.2.
  • Easier automation of data management with performance and flexibility improvements in web services, including publication of data management projects as RESTful web services, generation of WADL and WSDL for web services that use JSON and XML I/O, with the option to override web services-generated WSDL, and an ability to name a web service independently of the repository object, and for multiple web services to run on a single port.
  • Significant performance and connectivity improvements, including RDBMS in-database processing that integrates data analytics with data warehousing, a new Salesforce native connector to read, write, and update contacts and other objects, IBM DB2 connection using JDBC, and a connector for IBM MQ messages.

With the latest updates to Redpoint Data Management, we’re enabling brands to be more competitive and responsive, while having greater choice in their data environments. These updates will also enable Redpoint customers to remain flexible in future technology deployments and retain their edge as changes cascade through the data management landscape.


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