Another Positive “Shift” for Redpoint

Todd Hinton | June 14, 2016

amazonThis week we released Redpoint Data Management version 7.3, which now includes native support for Amazon Redshift.  As many of you already know, we’ve long provided native support for most of Amazon’s relational databases that require minimal administration, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and others. Expanding our Amazon support to Redshift, a fast peda-byte scale managed data warehouse, was a natural next step for us. After all, Redpoint Data Management can process over a billion records in minutes, and power like that needs a database that can keep up.

Redshift is becoming very popular these days not only due to its performance but also its cost of ownership. Under the hood, Redshift is a columnar, NoSQL database and one of its key features is its massively parallel processing architecture and its ability to distribute SQL operations across many compute nodes in parallel.  Simply put, Redshift is a data warehouse service that is faster, simpler, and less expensive than alternatives available today, and appropriate for organizations of any size.

Why is this significant to Redpoint?  Because native cloud data warehousing applications like Redshift are of growing importance to our customers and it fits nicely into Data Management’s architecture, which has always been a massively parallel processing platform. Redshift is a perfect complement for any of our customers already using Amazon who want powerful performance.

There is more to just being able to read data from Redshift. As mentioned, with Redshift providing a massively parallel processing architecture, it is imperative that all transforms, data quality, and data integration tools also work within this same architecture, otherwise the processing within the application reading data from Redshift will become a bottleneck.

Whether processing data in Hadoop, Redshift, or other traditional database environments, Redpoint Data Management guarantees that any tool that is part of a data flow project will also work within this same architecture, providing our users with superior performance over other tools in the marketplace that claim to read data from these environments and perform data blending and analytics.  With Redpoint Data Management’s tremendous speed and scalability, Amazon Redshift is a perfect fit as we continue to provide business analysts, data scientists, and other users a solution for managing their data, all within cloud environments.

If you want to see Data Management in action, come see us at the Hadoop Summit later on this month.

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Todd Hinton
Todd Hinton

As VP of Engineering, Data Management for Redpoint Global, Todd Hinton leverages more than 20 years of technology management and software development experience to his oversight of Redpoint Global’s data management product offerings, including master data management and the Redpoint Customer Data Platform. Connect with Todd on LinkedIn and Twitter.