Author: Kirk Hanson

In his role as VP, Global Services for Redpoint Global, Kirk Hanson leverages more than 20 years of marketing technology, database, and account services expertise to ensure Redpoint clients are satisfied. Kirk leads Redpoint’s global client services organization, including customer implementation, training, and ongoing support, to ensure the success of Redpoint clients worldwide.

by Kirk Hanson | February 14, 2020

How to Shorten the Redpoint Data Management Learning Curve

Redpoint Data Management (RPDM) is a feature rich, enterprise data management application that functions across both traditional and Big Data architectures all within a single…

by Kirk Hanson | July 2, 2018

Achieving True Customer Personalization & Engagement: 1 Prerequisite, 5 Priorities

The bar has been raised on customer engagement, and it’s incredibly easy to fall short. Consumers have shown with their dollars that they will flock…

by Kirk Hanson | September 13, 2017

How Does a Customer Data Platform Fit into Your Marketing Stack?

All too often, it is a fragmented marketing stack that prevents companies from engaging their connected customer in the moment of need. Part of the…