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Author: Brian Cleary

As RedPoint Global VP of Solutions Marketing, Brian Cleary is responsible for ensuring that the voice of the customer and RedPoint’s key markets are reflected in our technology roadmap, as well as RedPoint's go-to-market approach. Brian brings more than 20 years of success in directing product management, marketing, and sales strategies for emerging software companies and top-tier enterprise software vendors.

by Brian Cleary | January 14, 2019

Data Matching and Identity Resolution: Keys to Hyper-Personalization

A PwC study revealed that consumers will pay more and share more data with companies that can provide a relevant, personal customer experience. In the…

by Brian Cleary | December 28, 2018

What is Data Ingestion? Why Context Matters in a Data Ingestion Strategy for CX

Data ingestion refers to importing data to store in a database for immediate use, and it can be either streaming or batch data. With an…

by Brian Cleary | November 9, 2018

Next Generation Database Marketing

Consumer expectations for personalization are evolving to the point where direct marketing campaigns with a one-size-fits-all approach run the risk of alienating loyal customers. A…

by Brian Cleary | July 25, 2018

How to Personalize Retail Interactions Without Being Creepy

The line between a positive brand experience and a creepy one is easy to miss, especially for marketers focused on personalizing customer engagement. Brands collect…

by Brian Cleary | June 19, 2018

Why Personalization Drives the Most Effective Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty program membership has gone up, and yet the number of customers actively participating has gone down dramatically. A recent study of 28,000 consumers…

by Brian Cleary | June 7, 2018

How Can Data Privacy Laws Improve Personalized Marketing?

Tighter data privacy laws are a golden opportunity for forward-thinking brands. One of the essential changes necessary to comply with modern data privacy regulations is…

by Brian Cleary | May 8, 2018

How Can CMOs Meet the Connected Customer?

The job of the chief marketing officer (CMO) has changed along with the nature of the customer’s path to purchase. As consumers have moved away…