Analytics & Machine Learning

Machine learning in your hands. ROI for the organization.

Key Benefits

Now you can leverage even the most sophisticated machine learning solutions to achieve specific business outcomes. Acquisition, cross-sell, retention, conversion: Whatever the goal, Redpoint® puts it within easy reach.


Personalized moments.

Present individualized messages and next best action offers to boost conversion. In precisely the right cadence and context for each customer and each journey.


Superior journeys.

Advanced models and rules help you understand customer intent, predict future buying patterns, and optimize for profitable revenue growth.


Fewer distractions.

Models are auto-deployed into engagement flows. So marketers and data scientists are free to focus on creating the next great customer experience.

rg1® in action.

With rg1, the world’s most advanced classification, regression and clustering models are yours to deploy. To auto-determine the best approach for achieving nearly any business objective:

Predictive Segments

Use machine learning to pinpoint your customer audiences, based on their chances of responding to specific events or conditions.

  • Likelihood to purchase or rebook
  • Time to next purchase
  • High value customers
  • Likelihood to churn

Next Best Action

Create next best actions based on individual customer needs, preferences and likely intent. And know with confidence which content, message or offer should be delivered. And when, where and how to deliver it.

Product Recommendations

You can combine customer inputs – such preferences, intent, purchase history and more – with product details. To create timely and relevant recommendations that deploy across digital channels such as website, email, mobile, in-store, or call centers. All in real time.

Journey Optimization

rgOne’s predictive analytics deliver dynamic customer journeys to maximize conversions and purchases. Which means you stay in sync with each customer and deliver personalized messages at precisely the right time. Every time.

Anomaly Detection

Sophisticated machine learning models alert business users of potential issues before they arise.

  • Noncompliance in regulated environments
  • Likelihood of customer default on a loan
  • Fraudulent online purchase
  • More

How to get ahead. And stay ahead.

It’s now mission critical for competitive differentiation: Individualized experiences, for millions of customers, fed by billions of data points. And with machine learning from Redpoint, that’s what you get: Engagement with segments of one. Optimized for customer expectations, and your ambitions.

Your data becomes best data.

Automatically connect, cleanse and enrich data at scale. For the high quality, high volume data you'll need to build and optimize machine learning models.

Insight becomes profit.

Use Redpoint's machine learning to extract valuable insights from customer data. And to turn use those insights to personalized experiences and higher revenue.

You become the genius.

Decide and act in real-time, from segment identification to product recommendations and every next best action. So you can keep pace with changes in customer behavior and smartly respond to market conditions.

“Speedeon Data selected Redpoint because of its technical flexibility, scalability and its ease of doing business as a partner.”

Joshua Shale

Chief Operating Officer at Speedeon Data

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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